Another Anniversary

One year ago today, the paperback edition of The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama, was published.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I didn’t know back then the book would sell as well as it did or that it would become a bestseller. I certainly didn’t think that the paperback would move many copies, as independently published books tend to sell significantly more ebooks than paperbacks. In the first few months, ebooks outsold paperbacks roughly 15 to 1. Eventually, as overall sales grew, the ratio tightened to 2 to 1. The paperback once even reached a higher overall sales rank than the ebook.

As hard as it was to write the book and get it out there, I was never convinced it had more than a 2-month lifespan. Today, a year later, both the paperback and ebook editions continue to sell, each day recording multiple sales.

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